Our Team

FundX Investment Group has been building and managing fund portfolios for clients since 1969. The firm was one of the first advisors to use noload mutual funds to professionally manage private client accounts. FundX uses its time-tested investment strategies to helping investors try to build wealth, navigate changing markets, meet lifelong investment goals, and make a difference in the world.

Janet Brown

Janet is a longtime advocate of sustainable responsible impact (SRI) investing, and she’s managed sustainable portfolios for clients for decades. She’s shared her SRI expertise on Forbes, TriplePundit and ThinkAdvisor and is a regular guest on CNBC.


Jason Browne

Jason leads the firm’s investment committee. He oversees the implementation of FundX’s Upgrading strategy for the firm’s high-net-worth clients and mutual funds. A frequent guest on CNBC, he is considered an expert in ETFs, mutual funds, trading strategies and technical analysis.

Chief Investment Officer

Avani Desai

Avani plays a key role in shaping FundX’s sustainable impact strategy, particularly in integrating ESG criteria and impact investing into the firm’s investment approach. Her Partners in Investing initiative provides workshops and trainings for women who want to learn about investing.

Portfolio Manager

Sean McKeon

Sean serves on the firm’s investment committee and directs client account operations. He is the Chief Compliance Officer for both FundX Investment Group and the FundX Upgrader Fund Trust.

Portfolio Manager/CCO

Martin DeVault

Marty is a member of the investment committee and is the head of research at FundX. With a background in medical research, Marty brings deep analytical skills to the firm.

Portfolio Manager/Principal

Bernard Burke

Bernie is a longtime portfolio manager with over 50 years of investment industry experience and extensive knowledge of the mutual fund industry. He serves on the investment committee.

Portfolio Manager/Principal